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 Pokemon MMORPG

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PostSubject: Pokemon MMORPG   Mon Oct 03, 2011 4:58 pm

This is [SIZE="5"]Pokemon: Den of Ages[/SIZE]. It is a good Pokemon Massive Multi-Player Online RPG.

To Download, just go to pdoa.koneko-chan.net
and then just go to Downloads

[SIZE="4"]Features: [/SIZE]

- You are able to catch, train, and trade Pokemon with hundreds of other trainers in real time!
- PvP Pokemon Battles
- Trainer Skills (Engineer, Chemist, Tracker, Forager and Woodsman)
- Dungeons and Quests
- Player Owned Shops (You can sells your crafted items)
- Four Regions (Naiyo, Kazaki, Touhou and Muuji)
- Generation I - IV pokemons (Gen. V will be added soon)
- Player owned Gyms. Oo, Player din kagaya natin ang Gym Leaders. Coming soon pa ito kasi kakapili lang ng 8 gym leaders (tournament)
- Moderators and Game Masters are approachable (I'm one of them)
- Pwede kayong mag-tagalog dito at may Pinoy Moderators tayo dito para matulungan kayo(ehem)

[SIZE="4"]How to Register:[/SIZE]
1. Pagka-open mo palang ng Pokemon: Den of Ages, the Patch Screen will appear:

Para saan ang Patch screen? This will update your client to the latest updates made. When you download a new client, the client is in Build 72. The current build is 77 so hintay nyo lang magupdate yan. Install lang kayo ng install from Build 73 to 77. Once Build 77 na, click Continue.

2. Eto ang Login Screen. Since bago pa lang kayo, click Register

3. Sa Registration Screen, Fill up the desired Username and Password

Click Continue.

4. Choose the Gender and Avatar. Click the Next Button para makapili ng Avatar

Ano ang Avatar? This will be the image displayed in your Trainer Card. Click Continue.

5. Choose your Sprite. Just click Next to see the available sprites.

Eto ung character na ginagalaw mo sa game. Click Finished.

6. Pagka-click ng Finished. Login ka lang using the registered account. And then you'll see this:

This is the MOTD (message of the day). MOTD displays the important notices from the owner of the game, Silver. Pakibasa na rin ang rules sa tabi. Wag pasaway. click Ok

7. Eto ang Client Screen. Sa left makikita mo ang Pokemon Party at Trainer Card mo. At the bottom, yung chat.
To get your Starter Pokemon, go to the Laboratory at the Top-left.

8. Talk to Professor Maple by pressing SpaceBar in front of him.

9. Choose your starter pokemon. Each region got 3 sets of Starters. you can only choose One Starter.

10. [SIZE="4"]Congratulations[/SIZE], you can now play PDOA. Hintay ko kayo ah.

[SIZE="4"]Rare Pokemon List:[/SIZE]

Naiyo Region(Region 1)
Pikachu - Route 5 (Detour/Deep Holler)
Electabuzz - Hillside Cave
Ditto - Route 14
Vulpix - Route 18 (below Mountainside City)
Lickitung - Recuko Cave
Tangela - Green Patch (inside Turing Cavern)
Shellder - Renegade City (through fishing)
Kangaskhan - Great Naiyo Swamp
Dratini - Victory Cave (through fishing)
Magmar - Mt. Enigma
Growlithe - Mt. Enigma (top) not rare pero dami nagta2nong kung saan, kakabobo. hehe

Kazaki Region(Region 2)
Magmar - Mt. Auste
Larvitar - Mt. Auste (1st grass part before the top)
Skarmory - Mt. Auste (top)
Misdreavus - Drack Cave
Smeargle - Route 118
Houndor/Gligar - Route 119
Yanma/Scyther/Pinsir/Heracross/Sudowoodo - Ichigo Forest
Qwilfish - Ichigo Beach (through fishing)
Miltank/Tauros - Ashima Town (Grazing Pastures)
Girafarig - Route 113
Delibird - Route 117

Touhou Region(Region 3)
Luvdisk - Taketa Beach (through fishing)
Corpish - Route 205
Ralts - Route 206 (just left of Yufu, wag na lumayo)
Surskit - Sakaiminato Lake (grass)
Nincada - Route 207 (just outside Akiyoshi cave)
Seviper/Zangoose - Route 213
Lunatone/Snorunt - Ryusendo Cave
Relicanth/Horsea/Seadra/Clamperl - Ryusendo Cave (through fishing)
Kecleon - Shikotsu Lake
Feebas - Shikotsu Lake (through fishing)
Solrock/Chimeco - Osore Cave
Trapinch - Route 215
Solrock/Torkoal - Asama Cave
Spoink - Asama Cave (grass)
Trophius - Route 216
Absol - Route 217
Bagon - Kanzen Cave

Muuji Region(Region 4)
Ralts - Scenic Route 301
Mime Jr. - Scenic Route 302
Carnivine - Lifey Bog
Shellos - Creggans Beach/Londoberry Beach (through fishing)
Sableye/Chingling/Mawile - Mt. Galtymore
Snorunt - Mt. Galtymore (top)
Gible/Nosepass - Kilken Cave
Chatot - Dalkey Island
Mukrow/Rotom - Spiorad Forest
Driflloon - Athenry Field

TIPS in finding a Rare pokemon:
1. Kapag nasa Cave ka, punta ka sa mga Dead End, may rare pokemon doon (95% sure)
2. Tracking Skill helps. Taasan ang tracking level para mas madali makahanap ng rare pokemon (at shiny)
3. Mahirap talaga mag-fish ng pokemon. Tyaga lang pare.
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Pokemon MMORPG
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